Good Code Reviewing

For my final post for CS 443, I have decided to write about the code review process. I found a blog series on code review by Dr. Michaela Greiler, “The Ultimate Code Review Blog Post Series.” For this post, I will focus on the sixth entry, “A Code Review Checklist – Focus on the ImportantContinue reading “Good Code Reviewing”


After CS-443’s class this week, I decided to further investigate CMMI, Capability Maturity Model Integration, process model. I found testbytes’ article, “What is CMMI? (Capability Maturity Model Integration),” to be illuminating. This article gives an overview of CMMI and why it is used in software development. At the end of the article is a linkContinue reading “CMMI and TMMI”

Mutation testing

Time to read up on mutation testing. Jasper Sprengers’ article, “Sensible mutation testing: don’t go on a killing spree,” gives a small overview of mutation testing and then explains how killing all mutants is not always necessary. The article uses an example to show how a simple class requires extensive testing to kill all mutants.Continue reading “Mutation testing”

Getting Checkstyle-ish

After today’s CS443 class, I decided to look further into Checkstyle. “How Open-Sourced Projects use Checkstyle,” by Sider Team is a thorough article about Checkstyle. I focused on the sections containing the Checkstyle overview, the default check item categories, and the default coding styles included with Checkstyle. After doing this, I would recommend to othersContinue reading “Getting Checkstyle-ish”

Testing Doubles

When testing a system, known as the System Under Test or SUT, the system needs to have access to its dependencies but often the access given is just clever mimicry. Testing doubles are used to replace a system’s dependencies with varied functionality. The article “Test Doubles — Fakes, Mocks and Stubs,” by Michal Lipski, explainsContinue reading “Testing Doubles”

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