Good Code Reviewing

For my final post for CS 443, I have decided to write about the code review process. I found a blog series on code review by Dr. Michaela Greiler, “The Ultimate Code Review Blog Post Series.” For this post, I will focus on the sixth entry, “A Code Review Checklist – Focus on the Important Issues,” which gives a very thorough checklist of issues to look for when reviewing code. The checklist includes many categories of issues: implementation, logic errors and bugs, error handling and logging, usability and accessibility, testing and testability, dependencies, security and data privacy, performance, readability, and experts opinion. Some of the items on the list include: following S.O.L.I.D. principles, proper testing, and is the code understandable and clean. While reading through the list I recognized a lot of topics that were raised in class and other CS classes. After reading through this article, I feel I have a better understanding of what to look for in code reviews. Before, I did not really know what to check for during the code review activity in class.

In the end, I highly recommend to others to give the entire series by Dr. Michaela Greiler a read through. If not, then maybe just a look through this checklist post. I know I have bookmarked this series and will likely come back to it for future reference.

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