Final Presentation Eve

With CS 343’s final presentation tomorrow, this will be the last post for this project. (Unless I choose to keep playing around with it later) The work on this project has really helped me learn HTML, CSS, and TS.

The newest feature I added to my Pokedex SPA was having the background colors linked to the selected pokemon’s typing.

This took a bit a time, figuring out how to dynamically link the HTML background color to the TS pokemon data. I eventually found the use of angular’s [ngStyle] to be very useful. This method injects a JSON object with CSS properties defined in it. With it, I simply used a method in the TS to grab the pokemon’s typing and return a created JSON object with the CSS property ‘background’ with either a solid color for single typing or a gradient for dual typing.

This project was a lot of fun and I’ve learned a lot. I am tentatively looking forward to tomorrow’s presentations.

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