Getting Checkstyle-ish

After today’s CS443 class, I decided to look further into Checkstyle. “How Open-Sourced Projects use Checkstyle,” by Sider Team is a thorough article about Checkstyle. I focused on the sections containing the Checkstyle overview, the default check item categories, and the default coding styles included with Checkstyle. After doing this, I would recommend to others to read through the fourteen categories of default check items. Sider Team has provided descriptions with simple, clear examples for each category.

In the section with the default coding styles, the two styles we used in class are mentioned. Sun Java coding style was a popular style that is no longer maintained and possesses outdated rules. Google Java coding style, on the other hand, is a newer and still actively maintained style that has become popular since its debut in 2013.

After reading Sider Team’s article “How Open-Sourced Projects use Checkstyle,” I feel I understand Checkstyle, and coding styles in general, better.

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