Kindred Spirits

The pattern “Kindred Spirits” in Apprenticeship Patterns: Guidance for the Aspiring Software Craftsman, by Dave Hoover and Adewale Oshineye, addresses the need for social connections to other software developers. Fostering relationships with kindred spirits will create an environment that promotes curiosity and avoids stagnation. Groups share knowledge which allows members to learn from each other. The pattern warns of groups that will resist change and shun those who present change. Groupthink is also warned of in this pattern.  Conforming to some standards is necessary when participating in a group but that conformity should not discourage growth.

I have never been very good with making new connections. Most, if not all, of my computer science connections have been through school and, with graduation nearing, I will need to find new kindred spirits. “Kindred Spirits” suggests finding groups that meet in person, making this currently unadvisable (Social Distancing) but good to remember for down the road. While maybe not as effective as in person meetings, there are plenty of online groups to check out. The open-source communities seem like a good potential place to start. Also, many in person groups will have ways of communicating remotely so it still may be worth looking into.

“This pattern is simple in principle, and for some people (our extroverted cohorts) it is simple in practice. For others, however, it can be difficult.”

This line makes it clear that the difficulty I find with this pattern is common. My innate aversion to large groups and strangers has caused me to avoid attending events in the past, but it is becoming increasingly apparent that I will need to change that behavior.

While I find groups stressful, I agree with the pattern about the benefits of being part of one. Software development communities are great sources of knowledge and inspiration.

The pattern, “Kindred Spirits,” is one I will need to practice. Since I still have a great deal to learn, I think it will be imperative to find a group that will teach and inspire me. Other software developers will always have new things for me to learn if I seek them out.

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