Sprint Retrospective 1

Completed tasks

I was worried about how well my team would work together at the start of the sprint. We are all rather quiet and I feared that would impact our project. Even Professor Wurst expressed some concern. While I feel our communication could use improvement, I think we did a fine job completing what we planned to do in this sprint.

We divided the sprint tasks amongst us and mostly worked on our tasks independently. All work that was completed was shared so that others could study and review the tasks they did not work on. While this worked for our first sprint, I am hesitant to repeat this method as I believe it can lead to confusion in the group. For our next sprint, I think we should try and assign tasks to multiple people so we can emphasize that the responsibility for the tasks fall on the entire group.

I feel we did a great job of sharing our work and resources. Most of our decisions are public on gitlab so that it is clear why we did what we did.

My primary focuses this sprint were learning how to set up a mongo database and how create a REST API for it. One thing I think I could improve on is the frequency of my updates. I generally completed a task before making my work public. It may be beneficial to update more often. Something I would like more from my team is feedback. While my work was reviewed, I have not felt like I have received any real criticism, constructive or otherwise.

By the end of this sprint, we had a good skeletal structure of the update module. We implemented test versions of the technologies we would use in our full stack application and completed a small MEAN stack, a full stack app using MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, Node.js. With what we completed in this sprint, I believe the coming sprint will be clearer in scope and better planned.

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