More SPA progress

With the semester coming to an end and the holidays, I’ve been busy and have not made as much progress as I would have liked on my SPA. I did find a better way of obtaining the evolution chains. The looped API calls were a sloppy solution, but I realized I could simply make multiple calls per input. After that I tried to find a way to visually organize the evolution families, but my nested Angular loops make it difficult to style and I haven’t found a satisfactory solution yet.

I have implemented the popup that displays the entire evolution family. The popup blocks interaction with the underlay and forces focus on the popup until dismissed.

A general issue I have ran into is the SPA updating as it fetches data. This causes the images to load at different times, affecting layout. I also have an issue where the page does not always grab the evolution family causing it to occasionally pass a null evolution chain. Searching a second time often fixes this but I am not sure of its cause.

My goals for this project now are to polish up what I have and find some new useful functions to add.

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